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Version 2016 eBooks

TurboFloorPlan ® Version 2016 Training and Tutorials
This eBook includes all the topics and tutorials about Training, Power Tools, Printing, Exporting, and Importing, dedicated exclusively to the TFP Version 2016 programs.

-Each new feature is detailed and explained.

-New libraries formats and organization reviewed with descriptions and images.

-New Auto roof tool and the new dormers and walls tools analyzed with graphic guides.

-New and current features examined with updated images reflecting the new User’s Interface.

-New infographics simplifying the concepts’ visualization (structures, rendering, tools, etc.).
TurboFloorPlan ® Version 2019 Training and Tutorials
Mac Edition
Designing Your Dream Home is the answer to the countless questions that home owners find themselves asking during the design of their projects.

- Renown architect Patricia Gamburgo provides her knowledge and expertise in home design and landscaping

- Review the design concepts and conflicts by reading and visualizing them in 2D and 3D Using TurboFloorPlan Software.

- Tips and ideas to maximize spaces as well as to prevent costly mistakes.

- More than 200 pages and 475 images to guide you.
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