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Can I export my Punch Plans to PDF?
For an updated version of this tutorial, check out the Printing Solutions Collection:
You can convert your Punch floor plans to PDF documents. The first step: you need to get a PDF writer software.

Browse the web with the keywords “free PDF” --> you will find several free programs --> check the compatibility between the software and your OS (XP, Win7, etc.) --> download and install the program.

Once the software is installed, the new program will create a virtual printer (as shown below).

Open you Punch program and your Punch plan --> File--> Print to Scale (or Print to Fit Page) --> the Print menu will open --> select your virtual printer (called PDF writer in the image below).

Usually, the PDF writers have different paper sizes (A3, A1, etc.) so, you can choose the right paper size to fit your drawing.

You can also print to PDF the LiveView images, however, not all PDF writers print the flat views.
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