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Printing, Export and Import Collection
A real wizard with printing, import and export templates!
- Includes 56 different 2D and 3D scaled frames, with 8 different paper sizes, so you can just drag, drop, and print to scale or to the desired paper size or PDF.

- The frames are prepared for use with Home Printers as well as Large Size Printers (commercial printers).

- See how to import or import CAD files, or jpg or bmp or png or PDF using the real files!
- The original PRO, CAD and PDF files are also included as well as the How to’s tutorials (in English and French).

- Prepare and print your plans and elevation for printing, permits, or just to work at home.
This collection can be installed within any Punch! ® based program (Punch®, TurboFloorPlan®, Avanquest®, etc.)
The collection includes a Read Me file with the exact instructions to install and use the libraries (Mac and Windows) in English and French, as well as step-by-step tutorials.

Cette collection contient également des instructions d'installation et des tutoriels en français et anglais.

All prices are in US Dollars.
Copyright Patricia Gamburgo 2002-2022
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