Version 2015 / V17 eBooks
TurboFloorPlan ® : Training and Tutorials
This e-book is the All-in-One Special IMSI Version and includes all the topics and tutorials about Training, Power Tools, Printing, Exporting, and Importing, covering the newer TurboFloorPlan programs, for both Windows and Mac, including Versions 17 and 2015. 

- The entire eBook provides training to learn the TurboFloorPlan programs by following tutorials and guides and understanding how the program thinks. 

- The tutorials show the "How To" for specific uses: How to start a project? How to insert a picture and add the landscape? How to create a walk-out basement? How to slope a lot? 

- Each Power Tool is explained separately, with real examples developed for each tool.
- Includes Visual Guides: graphic solutions that allow the visualization of the concepts. 

- Topics and tools are linked, so while you are consulting an
item, you can easily access the additional information.
- You can search the information by content, by topic, or by keyword. 

- The constructive elements include the necessary technical information. For example: the roof chapter includes a glossary explaining the names of the different parts of a roof as well as the name and development of 21 different types of roofs. Or, if you wish to develop a staircase, you will find not only how to create it using TurboFloorPlan but also how stairs are designed in real life.
- This eBook contains 1145 color images and more than 300 pages. 
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