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Pat is here to assist you with all your design & drafting necessities.

Check out the galleries below for a few samples of the different types of services that we provide!

  • Private Country Club Houses
  • Commercial Interiors (The Lounge)
  • Pool & Landscaping Services
  • Golf Club Residences
  • Private Residences
Visualization Services
See your commercial and residential projects coming alive with professional renderings, allowing you to see how your final project looks before it's built!

You can also use these renderings in your advertisements, brochures, websites, etc. 
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- The page SAMPLE is a "hidden" page that contains sets of elements grouped into "sections": Title + photo, Icons + text, text + icons + video, etc...  
Select the section that best fits the design desired and copy/paste it onto your page (to “paste” in a specific location, right-click and choose Paste). Be sure to take the entirety of the section by selecting its external container (the one containing the background image or color). 
- Important: each "section" must have one, and only one, inner container (element group) for the section content. The outer margins of this sub-container set minimum distances from section boundaries.
- The "Horizontal" button in the "Selection" menu controls the automatic centering of an element. 

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Technical Services
Preview, document and follow the different stages of the construction using the multiple views and tools (elevations, cross sections, etc).
You'll be able to try different materials, styles and options on your project, allowing you to visualize and customize your design as well as save money by detecting the project's issues before the real construction begins.
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  • View with Roof Structure
  • Top View with Roof Structure
  • 3D Annotated Elevation
  • 3D Annotated Cross Section
  • Final Rendering
  • Top View of an Apartment Layout
  • Apartment 3D Integrated View
  • Kitchen Layout Rendering
  • Kitchen Layout Rendering
  • Home Theater Rendering
Bring your ideas to life 
and analyze the design and layout of your apartment, house, or even individual rooms.
We provide 3D images and virtual tours of your project, enabling you to customize your project, materials, colors, or constructive elements, as well as detect design interferences. 
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We will draft the plans and documents for construction, design projects as well as permits. 
We offer 2D and 3D drafting services for homeowners and professionals: floor plans, elevations, cross sections, as well as framing and constructive details. All our services are professionally developed and include Pat's personal assistance to install the files and/or to start the file operation.
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  • CAD Floor Plan (DWG File)
  • 2D CAD Elevations (DWG File)
  • Floorplan (PRO File)
  • Annotated 3D Elevation
  • Annotated 3D Cross Section
More Services! 
Fix my File Services: it is not uncommon that you finish your design, but the roof doesn't fit, the topography doesn't look accurate, or the levels look wrong. Or perhaps, something is not looking as you imagined, but you don't know how to fix these issues. Don't worry, we can fix your file using the same program and version that you use. 

Training Services:
we offer one-on-one training services independently of your location, using your favorite e-messenger. The sessions can be for the entire program, by subject, by project, or customized to fit your necessities. 

No job is too big or too small for us! No matter where you are located, let us know what you need help with, and we'll assist you right away! 

About Our Fees: our services are usually inexpensive. As each project is different from the other, we calculate our fees on a case-by-case basis. Contact Pat using the button below to send your files, sketches, pictures, or design necessities. Patricia will answer on the same day sending you a proposal, with several alternatives to choose, so you can select among the different options and fees.